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3D drafting **Review of system flow, component analysis, and standard units used in the system** Instrumentation, piping, fluid flow, control devices, heating/cooling systems, instrumentation, flow analysis, control systems, and design. ## **CHAPTER 4 General Computerized Project Management Software Systems** A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result. Every project will have a specific scope that is generally agreed upon by all project participants. Because the scope of the project is typically predefined, it is the role of the project manager to allocate project resources in a manner that meets the defined scope and keeps the project within the bounds of the organization's resources, quality standards, and time constraints. As the project manager, you are responsible for creating and defining the scope of the project, and you are responsible for allocating the project resources to meet that scope. When initiating a new project, it is important to identify the project scope before initiating the project. The project scope is the extent of the project's purpose. It is typically expressed as a _what_ and a _why_, in addition to the _who_, _when_, and _where_ elements of the project. The scope defines the work to be completed by the project team, the deliverables to be created by the project, and the timeframe of the project. The scope may be formalized through a scope management meeting, or it may be determined by the project manager using informal discussions with the project team and stakeholders. Once the scope is identified, the project manager will develop the project's _statement of work (SoW)_, which is a template used to track the project from the initial concept phase until the project completion phase. The SoW is a plan for how the project will be executed. The SoW typically includes the following information: An estimated project cost Estimated project duration Project objectives Project details Project status It is not uncommon for the project scope to be changed during the course of a project. As the project manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that the scope of the project is consistent with what was initially planned. Changes to the project scope should be kept to a minimum and communicated to the project team as soon as possible. It is important that the scope is appropriate for the project, because as the project manager, you will have to allocate project resources to complete the project




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